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Unbounce Landing Page Testing Platform

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As a landing page optimization specialist, I’ve worked on literally hundreds of landing pages within organizationS of various structures. Many organizations have an in-house development team that handles the building out of all LP assets. But many others don’t have these internal resources, and are looking for an easy-to-use interface…

Creating a Landing Page Optimization Test Plan

I’ve been pushing for more and more online makreting testing at my current job, and things are starting to move forward, which is very exciting. I’m a huge fan of testing, and there are tons of tools and resources that make online testing very easy. However, because it is becoming…

Letting go of old work

The longer I spend in the design industry, obviously the more projects I put behind me (which is a good thing). However, as any good designer or developer, I put a lot of passion in my work and become very connected to my projects. But, often times, when a project…

Landing Page Optimization: Spontaneous Buying Modality

The 5th and final part on a series about Landing Page Optimization and Buyer Modality, today I’ll talk more about the Spontaneous Buying Modality and how to focus your landing page on the spontaneous buyer behaviour.

Landing Page Optimization: Methodical Buyer Modality

Continuing the series on Landing Page Optimization and Buying Modalities, in Part 4 I’ll talk about the Methodical Buyer Modality and provide tips on marketing to a methodical buyer audience.

Landing Page Optimization: Humanistic Buyer Modality

Part 3 in a series on Landing Page Optimization and Buying Modalities, today I’ll talk a little more about the Humanistic buyer behavior and how you can optimize your landing pages to target the Humanistic audience.