Photoshop Videos

Photoshop Videos

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about Flash on this site, mainly because that’s where my highest interest is… however that’s not the only software we designers need to know. So, I thought I’d pass along this great list from of featuring 18 really great Online Photoshop Videos. Some are straight tutorials, some are Photoshop demos, but either way, a nice collection of fun and interesting videos about Photoshop.

If you haven’t visited (and it’s sister site I recommend you check it out. They always have some great, high-quality tutorials on Photoshop (while is focused on Web development tutorials).

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  1. design guru says:

    I really liked the way they came off

  2. elearning says:

    Enjoying reading your blog. Hard work always pays off.

  3. Great Blog! Enjoyed reading your content. Great ideas…

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