New Flash Tutorial Site

New Flash Tutorial Site

I’ve been working in my (very limited) free time on a new site for Flash tutorials. About a month ago, I did a soft-launch of

The goal of gotoAndLearnFlash is to have users find the Flash tutorials they want, and write their own reviews to let future readers of this site know whether the tutorial was really helpful or not. While my goal here is to find the best free online Flash tutorials the net has to offer, I simply don’t have the time to review each and every tutorial I come across. That is why I encourage users to check out the tutorials, come back and rate or review them for future readers.

Currently, there are only a few tutorials listed, but I try to add more and more when I can. The biggest hurdle is I really would like to review any tutorials that I post, but I simply don’t have the time. So, I’ve been posting some Flash tutorials without an editorial review in hopes that users will add their own reviews in the comments section. Better than a rating system, I believe a user review will help gauge whether the tutorial is really worth checking out. If you enjoy my tutorials, check out to find more Flash tutorials from other authors that I found helpful.

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  1. says:

    Quick and Easy Zoom Effect in Flash…

    In this tutorial, I will demonstrate a quick and easy zoom in/out technique using a motion tween and a little ActionScript….

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