Logo Inspiration

Logo Inspiration

Came across a  nice list of some Logo Design Resources from designcubicle.com.

Some of them on the list I use as my first stop when trying to get logo ideas (LogoPond, LogoSauce, LogoLounge) and others I’ve come across before, but not overly familiar with (LogoLog, SpoonFed, SpeckyBoy) but most are new to me, so definitely a lot of stuff here to check out.

A really great thing about these logo galleries is that they contain user submitted logos that are sometimes still in the design process, which other designers comment give feedback on. It’s a great way to get objective opinions from other professionals on logos you are working on to know if you are heading in the right direction. Even if you don’t submit your own logos, reading the comments on others can really teach you how to look at ALL logos.

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