jQuery Video Tutorial Series

jQuery Video Tutorial Series

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I’m pretty new to jQuery, but I’ve recently been more and more interested with it, and been playing around a little bit. Being new, I was looking for some true “beginner” tutorials, and found the perfect series of jQuery tutorials on net.tutsplus.com.

Net.tutsplus screenshot

I have to admit, I’m actually NOT a fan of video tutorials, especially when dealing with code. I prefer to read along at my own pace, and be able to have time to work on my own code, and perform the instructions at my own speed. Many times, I find video tutorials move too quickly and a lot of times aren’t well planned out in advance, so the narrator tends to “stumble” through instructions at times.

What I found was a video series by Jeffrey Way posted on net.tutsplus.com (via Theme Forest). Jeffrey posted 15 shorter tutorials over the span of about a month, each one stepping a little further into jQuery. I have to admit, I’m only on day 8, but so far I found them very easy to follow (both his instruction and jQuery itself), and they move at an easy pace. As with any video tutorial, I do find myself pausing and rewinding, but I can accept that since the info is so clear. Yes, there are a few times when the narrator makes mistakes, but he catches his errors, and clearly explains them while going back to correct them.

I’m a little late to the jQuery party, as this series was posted in January 2009, but the info is still very relevant. While jQuery isn’t exactly new (especially in internet years), it’s still new to many designers, and these jQuery video tutorials are a great place for even the novice front end developer to start with jQuery.

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