Creating an A/B experiment in Google Website Optimizer

Creating an A/B experiment in Google Website Optimizer

Having just started using Google Website Optimizer, originally I wanted to write a tutorial of creating an A/B landing page experiment in GWO. However, I don’t think I really need to.

It was extremely simple to set up an A/B test in Google Website Optimizer, since it clearly walks you through every step of the process. Simply click “Create another experiment”, and GWO provides step-by-step instructions for everything. No need to refer back to a tutorial (from anyone), it’s all right there!

Goolgle Website Optimizer Screenshot

Really, the only part that might give people trouble is adding the javascript snippets to your web pages. This, of course, should be left to page coders and not necessarily done by the person setting up the test (although GWO does provide pretty good instructions for adding the code). Fortunately, I not only set up the tests in Google Website Optimizer, but I also am the web desinger/developer, so I get to do it all (no need to wait around for someone to add the code in order for me to validate the pages!). However, I’d be comfortable handing off access to our marketing team to have them set up the tests (sans adding the code), and picking it up from there. That’s how easy setting up an a/b landing page test in Google Website Optimizer is.

I’m very excited to start using GWO more, but still just getting my feet wet so only have a handful of test running now. Since these test are on somewhat low traffic pages, it will take some time collect any significant results, but hopefully these test will provide useful information as I move forward with my goals to optimize not only Landing Pages, but full websites as well. It’s an exciting learning experience that has made going into work everyday a little more interesting.

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    I found this post very interesting . Where can I find more information about this?

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