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6 New (to me) tools for online design

About 6 months ago, I started a new job thanks to a former co-worker, Jake Rutter (check him out at One of the great things about working with Jake is he is always introducing me to new tools and techniques.

Happy Birthday Photoshop!

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Photoshop turns 20 today, and I came across an interesting read on on the history of Photoshop.

CSS Articles and Resources

In an effort to start posting to this site again, and also to start adding more non-Flash related posts, I’ve been keeping an eye out on the Web for helpful articles that my readers may be intrested in. In my search, I came across a nice list for titled…

Logo Inspiration

Came across a  nice list of some Logo Design Resources from

Photoshop Videos

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about Flash on this site, mainly because that’s where my highest interest is… however that’s not the only software we designers need to know. So, I thought I’d pass along this great list from of featuring 18 really great Online Photoshop Videos….

Flash Tutorial: Dynamic Buttons

Flash Tutorial: Adding buttons dynamically to the Flash stage using ActionScript Level: This is an intermeidate lesson, so I will assume that the reader is familiar with the basic use of the Flash software including stage, timeline, drawing tools, property window, etc. Version: I will be using Flash CS3 and…