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Logo Inspiration

Came across a  nice list of some Logo Design Resources from

Thank you K!

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I’ve written close to 20 Flash tutorials so far, and I really enjoy writing them. I try to explain things clearly, and hope that the readers understand them and can easily complete the tutorial, and learn something in the process. I like that I can teach something to people around…

New Flash Tutorial Site

I’ve been working in my (very limited) free time on a new site for Flash tutorials. About a month ago, I did a soft-launch of

Flash Tutorial: Breakout Game Tutorial Part 5

Flash Tutorial: Creating a Brick Breaking Paddle Game in Flash: Part 5 Level: This is a beginner lesson, but I will assume that the reader is familiar with the basic use of the Flash software including stage, timeline, drawing tools, property window, etc. Version: I will be using Flash CS3…

Interesting post on 2008 logo design trends

I read an interesting blog post today on about 2008 logo design trends. It brought to mind my own personal thoughts on logo design that I thought I’d share here. Let me start by saying, I find logos to be one of the more challenging design projects to undertake…

Designing Banner Ads: Comparing Apples to Apples

A few months ago, I had a job request to design a leaderboard (728×90) banner ad in Flash. Project went well, and I think I came up with a nice concept and design (view it here). The banner was well recieved by the client, and now they asked to carry…